This simple setup is meant to help people in the (very small) world of MU* coding get shit done more easily. Feel free to use the editor on this site or download it for your own uses.

Download Muxify


All Highlighting is specific to the MU* family of functions and commands. The list was taken from a Notepad++ highlighter done by Cheesegrater @WORA.

Rudimentary Preprocessing/Functions

Use the following in the editor:
def <name> {
And :<name>: to use it.

Example Def

def fn {
   [u(%va/d.test, parent(%q0), %#)]
:fn: //=> [u(%va/d.test, parent(%q0), %#)]


Using the excellent Ace editor, Muxify enjoys all of the commands and keyboard shortcuts common in most offline editors such as Ctrl-A, Ctrl-F, Ctrl-Z, etc. See here for a list.


There are two styles available, either full line commenting through the # tag or mid-to-end line with //.


Exploding MUX code will attempt to nicely format raw MUX code. Style and preferences will influence whether you think there is too much or too little spacing.

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